Pro Group Automation’s Professional Services provides an innovative service for management and administration of your security systems. PGA’s team of highly trained security specialists deliver unparalleled efficiencies in corporate security, saving your business time and resources whilst providing you with peace of mind.  Professional services can be on site as part of your security team, or off-site managing services from an encrypted connection through Pro Group’s infrastructure. These services can be provided on an ongoing arrangement, or just as required.

Credential Management

  • Issue and programming of access control credentials
  • Printing and encoding photo identification cards

Security System Administration

  • System programming user permissions, doors and time zones
  • Back up services for disaster recovery


  • User database management and auditing
  • Set up and configuration of regular security reporting
  • Security report generation in response to incidents

With PGA Professional Services you will benefit from:

✓ Professional security services carried out by highly trained, efficient security specialists, saving your business time and resources
✓ Customised packages to suit your business now and flexibility for the future
✓ One monthly invoice for services