Prefabrication Design

We have the capacity to undertake large-scale project prefabrications

Our custom built pre-delivery area enable us to pre-prepare the configuration of software and equipment prior to attending site. This reduces the labour and time on site, offering overall efficiency and drives high-quality solutions and within the installation requirements.

Progroup Automation can prefabricate gates, racks, bollards mounting of equipment patch panels, cable management, switches, and power racks. Pre-configuration of security panels includes fitting of controllers and power supply units, labeling and pre-wiring.

Server staging includes configuration of servers, updating software/firmware, programming of controllers and applying IT security company policies on pcs, servers and endpoints. All prefabricated/staged components undergo a PGA test regime via a factory acceptance test plan and checklists that are prepared for each project.

Our experience with pre-fabrication allows our teams to review quality, consistency and time factors of the project deliverables.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes and service a comprehensive client base including:

Large Corporate Companies

Residential/Commercial Real Estate

Construction and Maintenance